domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016


A new day in this world that I have worked so hard to build. I have worked tirelessly to keep it all under control, neat feelings to get hurt and I impede be who I really am, I have endeavored to give much more than "enough" of me in everything I do or am. Or so I thought I already know that people always think of what else you do or say. But I confess today that there are days that I am also a disaster, which can not solve all my problems and those who do not know what to do or where to start to figure out what is wrong in my life or that of others. Days when I do not even want to write. Days when I am tired to me. There are days when everything seems out of our hands, which we overcome the problems and there are days when you seem to be a small and insignificant thing among much larger than ourselves things. There are days when I am not an example, if is it there are days where it is. There are days when I can not stand looking around me, which I do not see the virtues of all but its flaws and mine. And in those days I remember with great clarity that I do not trust anything or anyone and because there are places and people who I do not go. Life has taught me. But every day when you wake up I make the decision to keep trying, hoping that perhaps that day is the best day of your life. Other times, most; It ends up being just one more day. "One more day" while there are others who are longing for a "time" "a minute," a "second" more to live. There are days when the only thing I have to offer is a smile and my lyrics. Do not pretend anymore, I'm tired of doing so. There are days when I'm a mess as many; I accept it. Just as there are days when I look the person with the most perfect life of the world. But in the end I am always a disaster I assure you, a few days a bad disaster. Other best disaster that can happen to you. #ElDiariodeValeryMisclallons By marlynsjv 🌌 #serfelizoalmenosparecerlo #bloggers #blog #blogger #blogg #poesia #libros #pictures #poem #poems #blogspot #facebook #tumblr #live #love via

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